Clinical research

Anteis solutions are the product of our unique scientific insight

R&D Research

Since its creation in 2003, Anteis has developed various ranges of hyaluronic acid gel-based medical devices and injection systems in several areas.

Anteis offers CE mark products only, and in the medical device field, a product CE mark guarantees compliance with the European directive 2007/47/EC, which means, among others: 

In addition to these standards, Anteis has made a commitment to investing in studies providing clinical evidence of patient benefit and practitioner satisfaction.

Our vision is to become the leading innovative company based on modified/functionalized biopolymers for injection treatment.

So the creation of a research pole allows Anteis to be even closer to doctors and their patients by developing innovative treatments, methods and products that meet their real expectations, wishes and needs.

Efficacy, safety and user-friendliness are scientifically tested as part of clinical researches.



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