Our values

The tremendous cohesion of our teams, the keystone of our development and the Anteis company spirit, would not exist without the values that

define us and to which all the firm's employees are committed.

These essential values are:

With a research and development policy that is unequalled in the biopolymer field
for resolutely avantgarde, relevant and effective applications.

Because the women and men of Anteis aim at recognition of their excellence in solutions, medical devices and a patient-centered approach adapted to each market. Besides qualitative objectives, their strategic objectives concern uncontested world leadership

Performance at the service of "patient benefit",
Because we know that the practitioners, doctors and surgeons who choose medical devices are above all concerned, like all of us, about the patient's long-lasting well-being. All our developments are therefore carried out making absolutely sure that we offer our patients effective and best quality solutions. Safety is one of our most important priorities, beyond health, beauty and self-esteem.

With an open communication policy, for those both inside and outside the company. An approach that practitioners all over the world totally approve of.

Because we couldn't work in a durable way for our patients' well-being if the bases of scientific, technical and commercial partnerships weren't solid. This confidence in Anteis is the proof of a corporate and management strategy that is both human and rigorous and that respects fundamental ethics as well.



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