InjectNow Academy

Combining technique and technology

InjectNow Academy

Since its creation, Anteis has developed various ranges to offer practitioners and their patients the largest choice of aesthetic solutions to fill, model and rehydrate all types of dermis.

Truly advanced technologies patented by Anteis offer products with unique rheological characteristics and incomparable qualities, that lead practitioners to adapt their practice.

Anteis has thus defined a very precise "Technique and Technology" chart and created its training academy: InjectNow Academy.

The InjectNow Academy is dedicated to providing practitioners in the aesthetic field with all the latest Anteis tools and techniques to optimally fill, model and rehydrate, to make their patients look and feel the best.

Anteis InjectNow Academy worldwide

The Anteis InjectNow Academy regularly organizes, on all continents, training sessions on various subjects: facial sculpture, wrinkle treatment, rejuvenation of the face through rehydration…

To learn about the details of the training programs proposed and all the session dates and sites, visit:



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