is an automated system that delivers unprecedented results for practitioners and their patients and is set to become the new industry standard.

Key features

  • delivers extremely natural-looking results
  • more Homogeneous integration of the gel into the dermis due to a constant pressure
  • less pain
  • fewer side-effects such as bruising, redness and swelling
  • fast and easy to install

Advantages for practitioners

The Anteis Injection System delivers important advantages for practitioners:
  • aignificantly less muscle fatigue brought on by the injection process
  • better control over the speed of injection
  • accurate control over the volumes injected
  • unmatched injection precision
  • less product needed

Freed from the need to control the flow of product, the practitioner is able to focus on his or her art: the precise placement of product. 

Advantages for patients

The patient also benefits from a range of advantages. He or she will experience:
  • a significant reduction in pain during and after injection,
    thanks to the improved regulation of flow 
  • a notable reduction in side effects, and
  • a faster return to everyday life, especially for skin revitalization treatments

Patients who have tried this new system find they have less bruising, redness and swelling, and can therefore return to work or social activities without anyone realizing that they have had treatment. Fewer side-effects and less pain also mean that they are more likely to come back for repeat treatments.


The Anteis Injection System is suitable for all types of aesthetic treatments based on injectable gels, including filling wrinkles, modifying facial shape and volume, revitalising the dermis, and treating cellulite. It gives superior results:
  • regardless of the treatment 
  • no matter what technique is used
  • with the full range of Anteis gels

Those who have tried it are delighted with the results. Anteis predicts that this system will soon become a "must have" for practitioners, and the clear preference among their patients. The system - easy to use, and non-threatening for patients

The Anteis Injection System is composed of three main parts:

  • foot pedal
  • central unit
  • hand-piece

The ergonomically-designed hand-piece, similar in shape and size to a large fountain pen, offers practitioners:  
  • improved handling
  • greater freedom of movement, and
  • relief from muscle fatigue
For practitioners, the new system results in significantly less muscle fatigue than is experienced when using syringes to inject highly viscous products. In addition to the discomfort for the practitioner, muscle fatigue can adversely affect treatment results, especially if it leads to greater inconsistency in the speed and volume that is injected into each site.

Clinical studies have also shown that this device is less threatening for patients, adding to their overall comfort with procedures.
Click here to learn more about the clinical studies
The system is fast and simple to install. Its use is highly intuitive – meaning that practitioners can benefit from a very fast learning curve and confidently start using Anteis Injection System to treat their patients soon after they take delivery of the system.
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